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Emotions = Energy In Motion

Learn to witness yourself and honor your emotions without judgement.


When Trauma Heals The Nervous System Resets & Personal Growth Becomes Possible

When you heal the nervous system, you heal the emotional body. When you heal the emotional body, you heal the psychic (empathetic body). When you heal the psychic body, you heal vibration. Once the vibration is healed and all energetic blockages are released, REALITIES CHANGE.

🔴 Attract Positive Energy & Miracles - Manifest Your Deepest Desire

🔴 Attract Positive Energy & Miracles - Manifest Your Deepest Desire

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Calm Sea

Choose Transpersonal Hypnotherapy to Create Effective Change

Know that you are built from every mistake you ever made.

Reprogramming your subconscious will make all the difference in your world. Learn to self-regulate, witness feelings, find truth, remove blocks & recurring sabotage with Master Life Coach Becca Briley.

You Will FALL ASLEEP FAST Sleep Hypnosis Music [ Theta Binaural Beats ] Insomnia Relief

You Will FALL ASLEEP FAST Sleep Hypnosis Music [ Theta Binaural Beats ] Insomnia Relief

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Join private Trauma - Trigger Awareness for Self-Regulation & Healing group for daily support, regulation tools + inspiration for personal development & relationship renewal.

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Foggy Pier

What To Expect

Becca Briley implements safe and effective self-exploration and coaching for change. She begins with self-awareness and self-acceptance while encouraging clients to craft new mindsets and feelings towards life experiences. (Perception = Reality) She supports people in building healthy relationships with SELF first. She supports those exiting toxic relationships and those who need to begin to forgive in order to mend relationships. Regulation tools are taught through-out the transformational healing journeys alongside self-reflection and introspection. Here you will more than likely face feelings of sadness, fear, and pain, and the only way out is through. Let's move through the obstacles so that you can set yourself free, and step into your power.



Reclaim Your Right to WellBeing

When you heal the trauma passed on to you from generations of women before, you also heal your current life and the life of future generations. It's time to invest in up-leveling your life and loving up into the future, and it starts by GOING WITHIN. 

No longer reacting to people who trigger you is one of the ways you strengthen your spiritual muscles. Learn to pause and respond with loving curiosity. Are you ready to begin?