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About Becca Briley

Trauma aware ordained "SoulWorker" providing holistic healing support for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual transformation since 2011. Becca Briley provides safe space for her clients to heal themselves and reach new goals with sacred and effective support.


It’s been said that Becca Lynn fits wings on lightworkers.  Her divine gift is inviting and allowing people to step into their power, where limiting beliefs are conquered. Trauma recovery is her forte. She has created many powerful online programs such as the "Inner Child Healing Journey," "The Conscious Communication Code," "Greeting Your Ego with Curios Compassion" as well as "Shadow Work - Acceptance & Integration."

Becca studied Psychology, Biology, World Religions and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. She obtained her B.A. from ASU in 2006, affording her a corporate background in Journalism, Marketing and Business Development. In the holistic healing realm, Becca serves as a Trauma-Sensitive Soul Coach who provides Life / Spiritual Coaching, Yoga in Nature, Jikiden Reiki, Holistic Nutrition, Toe Reading, Mindful Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy, and is an Ordained Minister.

Becca Lynn started a non-profit called Warriors Of The Soul. She hosts spiritual healing circles, soul medicine workshops, and retreats for women in Arizona and other remote, healing locations. Becca is currently manifesting her vision of creating a holistic community of tiny, energy-efficient homes, tree houses, tepees, and healing gardens where sessions take place for processing pain, recovering from trauma, addictions, grieving, releasing, and restoring spirit. "The mind, body, spirit connection is the way in which we become Holy, (to become whole)," she says. This is what true salvation is all about. 

In the business world Becca Briley has over 15 years of applied experience in bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales, plus Business Success Coaching. Her creative, successful campaigning is accomplished through marketing leadership, strategizing / data analysis, team management, business development, social media, project management, event planning, web/collateral design, and team building / departmental collaboration. She has worked in a wide variety of industries including technology, education, e-commerce, and environmental compliance for the DoD.

Becca's "self-care time" includes sweating, moving "it" out, and going inward; she "works out to work in." Releasing salt water is a vital practice for WellBeing," she states. She must have quality time with Earth Mother, being playful outdoors, golfing, hiking, cycling, enjoying family time with her son and dog Halo, and as well as living in prayer, practicing moving meditation and connecting with like-minded humans. 

Becca Briley humbly served for a decade as a Success Coach, Guidance On Call Head Coach, Mission Possible Instructor & Mentor, and Entrepreneurial & Business Development online instructor for Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. 

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