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Becca Briley
Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Reiki Treatment
Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Reiki As A Natural Healing Method, Ancient and Modern

Reiki is rooted in Japanese medicine. Re = Light | Ki = Energy: Reiki technically means Light Energy. Read more about the history of reiki.

Becca shares that she feels so blessed to have journeyed to the temple on Mount Kurama in Japan! In the slideshow in this article about Reiki In Modern Medicine, you can see the incredible shell she found on her hike up, plus more. When she took Jikiden Reiki training from Tadao Yumaguchi, fourth in lineage to Usui (father of Reiki) in Japan in 2011, she was taught that Reiki is the ultimate "Universal Life Force Energy," the greatest healing power there is, just like Love, pure and from Life Source, or whatever you call that. It is the energy present in everyone.

Reiki: Welcome
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