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Choose your pricing plan

  • WellBeing Coaching

    Every year
    Deep blend of soulful support for Soul Glow WellBeing
    • Unlimited Life Coaching Sessions
    • Unlimited, Monthly Virtual Yoga Classes
    • Unlimited Holistic Nutrition Guidance
    • Unlimited Emotional & Processing Regulation Education
    • On-going Text Support
    • Attend Events at No Extra Charge
  • 3 MO Life Coaching

    Every month
    WellBeing Support To Begin the Road To Effective Change
    Valid for 3 months
    • Unlimited life coaching support
    • Text access for quicker support
    • Attend monthly all events within membership timeline
  • 6 MO Life Coaching

    Every month
    WellBeing Support To Maintain Lasting Change
    Valid for 6 months
    • Unlimited life coaching support
    • Unlimited access to eCourses
    • On-going text communication for quicker support
    • Attend all events at no extra charge
  • 1 MO Health Coaching

    Discounted 1 Month Payment Option
    Valid for one month
    • Virtual Coaching Support
    • Text Check-ins
  • Hypnosis For Change

    Every month
    Weekly Sessions
    • Virtual or In-Person Hypnotherapy Sessions
    • Guided Meditations for on-going, daily support
  • Soul RecoverySupport

    Every month
    Recovering from trauma or toxic relationships
    • Soul Assessment
    • Revitalize the Spirit Support
    • WellBeing & Mindfulness Support
    • Emotional Management Coaching
    • Hypnotherapy for Subconscious Re-programming Support
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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