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Feel the Healing Shift of the Strawberry Full Moon June 2020

I am consciously aware of the world resetting itself as we move into a higher dimension. Especially during this Full Moon June 2020 I feel the shift big time. Do you? I am witnessing the shedding layers of old human programming. Much like a reptile outgrowing its skin, it's as if we are evolving into a newer species, where segregation will cease to exist. It seems we are being invited to focus on being Earth Family, caring for our planet and each other, instead of defining each other by race and gender while raping our globe of her elements for greed and advancement in technology... As generational trauma is healed we can come back to what truly matters, the experience of life itself.

What do YOU feel is shifting during this moon cycle? What lessons do you feel have come to their full fruition, through you? As you are doing this conscious work for yourself, you are part of a HUGE SHIFT of the Collective Consciousness, as we are all connected. And we know, with change usually comes some form of discomfort. As we become aware of things we were not aware of (but swore up and down we were).... this is where true healing and growth begin... We need to take s humble seat, and become open to change.

Your spiritual evolution and human expansion begins here in this space of awareness and acceptance. How you can love in bigger capacities than ever before, allowing healing for all, Earth Mother, cutlers, genders, and even releasing the need to define each other through them? The words and actions of love are all that are needed moving forward from this time and space.

This brings me to a concept I've been contemplating for years within the realms of gender, ethnicity and race, and how the need for defining humans impacts identification and self-worth...

We are taught that self-identification is healthy and important for self-worth, belonging and bonding. Much like tribes, we are taught where we belong. We are taught to stay true to our roots and honor our ancestors, who have paved the way for us. I still feel this is wonderful and needed if done in healthy ways. If we are taught from our elders that all tribes are equal, and that no one is lesser than, we can learn to honor our beautiful differences. This will allow all nations to co-exist in peace.

As this full moon creates a powerful charge within your brain and heart, as this is where most of our water is stored in the human body, I pray that you can release the old mindsets and values that have kept us segregated for millennia. Knowing that the moon correlates to the movement of the tides, water, and emotions, it moves you too! In the midst of the heavy sadness of the recent pandemic, murders and looting, even the children are able to see, all of this has helped to change our world as we know it. My heart is still heavy yet I cry tears of gratitude now, for the souls it required for us (humanity) to come to this place of knowing.

You might be at your highest energy level around this full moon, as many are, so please be careful with it. The moon produces a stronger pressure on your glandular system, which means you may feel erratic and more hyper than usual. The great news is, you can also use this same full moon frequency to accelerate healing and deepen meditation. Join me for a Healers Circle for Empowered Women tomorrow evening at 6pm PST if you need to have space held for you, as you clear out the old, and celebrate the new. I honor you. A'Ho

#FullMoonJune2020 #CollectiveConsciousness

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