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How To Stop Overreacting

Updated: May 30, 2020

Ever heard of the "scary mom?" Yeah, I've been her for a hot minute. I know you too want to be merry, but sometimes you're just moody! Can you relate?

It's not our stress that gets the best of us; it's how we react to it, that does! Have you ever had an outrageous reaction to someone or something, and then reflected on it to ask yourself, "where in the world did that come from?"

Well that's exactly it.... It is usually not about the immediate experience, but emotional overload to life in general. Or perhaps it triggered a past memory, which oftentimes causes humans to react with anger and frustration versus responding with loving, conscious communication. Does this meme remind you of someone? Yeah, me too. My old self!

When you begin practicing removing the heated emotion from the message, you being to shift into healthy communication. That's why adopting a practice that works for you is essential is re-programming the self. With your awareness, pausing, breathing and regulating the self, you are capable of magnificent change! TRUST ME. Reach out to get started on practicing healthy "Conscious Communication!" It's changed my life and my relationships.

If you are ready to experience a higher vibration and healthy frequency, join my 7 day free trial by texting the word COMMUNICATE now. 480-356-0871

Because this will be so powerful, I have created a 5 week program that will guarantee change if you implement the lessons. If you are ready for the 5 week reprogramming, text the angel number 555. This will let me know you're ready for BIG CHANGE!

Looking forward to supporting your Reality Shift! - Becca Briley (BB)

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