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Inner Child Healing Journey Launches on Labor Day 2020

I was born on Labor Day in 1983, my son was born on Labor Day in 2009, therefore, my new baby launches tomorrow, Labor Day 2020! As my labor of love, I am kicking off a holistic healing program on 9.7.2020 at 9am PST, which gives your inner child permission to heal. This is how you can become a healthier and happier adult! (Please give yourself the needed time and space to do this work, if anyone needs to be informed). This is donation based, to fulfill the deep need for this work.

We are all hard-wired for genuine connection. Unfortunately, some humans aren't provided safe and healthy bonding for optimal growth and supported development in this life. Or, that healthy bond or supportive environment can be disrupted by life-altering events, like parents separating, divorce, death, substance abuse, etc... The reality is, many children aren't taught healthy love (how to bond, give or receive love). And why is that? Well, their parents didn't show/teach them that, nor did theirs. They embodied what they knew as love. Some were never told "I love you." Others were never hugged and kissed. Some were beaten. Others were scolded and told they weren't good enough. Some were abandoned. Others were neglected. Some were always compared or judged. Others were molded into someone they didn't want to be. Almost all of us were taught to fulfill societal roles. So here we are, at the crossroads of repeating generational patterns while handing down trauma, or healing ourselves so deeply that we reset our lineages to healing, loving truths.

Humans learn to lash out or close off to those they care about because they perceive their adult experiences as not getting something they need, and/or they have often taken on their parents handed down behaviors. "Monkey see monkey do." Yes, we do become our parents in many ways IF we are not aware of ourselves. With self-awareness and conscious choice you get to MEET and CHOOSE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF through this journey. You are here because there is a loving solution....

I birthed this virtual journey as a Spiritual Life Coaching program because I see the HUGE NEED. HUMANITY NEEDS TO HEAL - AND IT BEGINS WITH ROOT WOUNDS IN EACH HUMAN. These left unattended, become our Inner Demons. I've witnessed and heard endless stories of mainstream mental healthcare providers diagnosing and labeling clients, without any actual healing support. Letting clients stay stuck in the story, without acknowledging their spirit, along with the mind and body, is not my methodology. Book recommendations and prescription drugs only go so far. The band aid helps the hurting, but the only way out is through. We must learn to honor the pain without repressing the pain. We must learn methods to process the energy, instead of stuffing it down while manifesting disease.

As a holistic healing practitioner, my commitment is to support you as you tend to your WHOLE BEING. This is what I refer to as becoming HOLY. Have you heard of "Shadow Work?" Yes, this work requires SALVATION; us saving ourselves from our past experiences that have created some unhealthy tendencies (Shadows), within each of us. Every human has the ability to take a deeper look, and really dig into truths, and witness how it has affected them to this day. We are not to slay our shadows, or each others' shadows; we must tend to our shadows with loving care, as our shadows are the rejected parts of ourselves. Imagine a world if we all did this healing work!

Maybe you can relate.... Many adults revert to childlike behaviors when they are triggered and don't feel they are getting love, attention, affection or time from those they are in relationship with. Some feel misunderstood, not fully seen, repressed, disrespected and under-valued. Do you have behavior patterns of arguing, trying to control, manipulation, pouting, degradation, running-away, shutting-down, throwing things, shaming, blaming, chasing, name-calling, screaming, going silent, hitting, pushing, or forcing your way in or out of conversations? Do you ask for space and it's not given?

Most oftentimes, if we do not pick partners who practice Conscious Communication, the answer is yes. And yes, you too must learn to communicate your needs in healthy ways. Everyone plays their part. Whether it be a partner, friend, roommate, spouse, sibling, parent, etc., we all have relationships. AND, we have all been triggered, or deeply bothered by someone or something that hits a nerve connected to a painful past experience. Please know that your triggers might not be coming directly from the human you are in relationship with. Usually, these reactions are due to the culmination of relationships and connections before the one at hand. If we do not become aware of our triggers and tend to them, we are destined to repeat the above, in relationships. Furthermore, if you have shared your triggers consciously with your partner, and have been open about your healing path, yet they are not doing their part, that's a red flag, and you need to create some healthy boundaries. If your healthy boundaries are not honored, that's not okay, and you have the right to walk-away. A healthy relationship consists of both people doing their healing work. This program is about Reparenting Yourself = Psychological Self-love Reconditioning.

If you have a deep desire to release any unhealthy behaviors or communication patterns, it begins with loving your inner child. Even when you may think it's silly and sounds weak, it's truly the opposite. This is the bravest thing you will ever do. Allow yourself to flow & grow through these beautiful phases of deep healing & transformation. It's time to give your inner child what you may have never received, and start over with all the self love an compassion you've always desired.

If you are not yet registered, take your own 10-week Inner Child Healing Journey with Soul Glow WellBeing Practitioner, Instructor & Spiritual Life Coach, Becca Briley. She provides a safe and closed group "Trauma - Trigger Awareness For Self Regulation & Healing" where this donation based labor of love with kick off on 9.7.2020 at 9am PST via Facebook Live.

This includes weekly guidance via Facebook Live Videos in the group, YouTube Videos and Guided Meditations + Supportive Healing Homework!

Those who donate can receive 1-on-1 Zoom Sessions, Guided Meditations, Life Coaching, Regulation Tools & Techniques, Breathwork + supportive materials and journaling for introspection and reflection!


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