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Inner Child Healing = Response-Ability to Freedom, Peace & Empowerment

Through the deep and precious work of healing your inner child and allowing yourself to grieve the wounds that you've suffered, you can change your behavior patterns and clear your emotional responses. You can chose a new way to process energetic experiences, release baggage, forgive, set healthy boundaries, and love forward, knowing you are pure love, and you are your safe place. You have this power.

In releasing the anger (un-processed grief and sadness) of your inner child you will feel a shift in your being. Things you have swept under the rug and denied are essential to honor and release. Identifying and allowing yourself to recognize bottled up rage, shame, blame, terror, resentment, or pain from those feeling places that exist within you, healing begins, with safe support. For those who have taken the 10-week inner child healing journey with me, you have done some beautiful work with your inner child. I celebrate you and your inner child.

I see you. Most of you have been tending to your broken heart, your emotional wounds, subconscious programming, shattered spirit, tense body and scrambled mind. As you are now aware, codependency may have caused you to abandon yourself somewhere along the line (not by choice). Since you chose to embrace your inner child after abandoning your inner child for so long, you tapped into the gateway to your Higher Self - the place of true self-realization and empowerment.

It could be a reality that you have been abandoning, betraying and abusing yourself for many years. Codependency is a battle-cry of "I'll show you - I'll get me." Your emotional defense system has been working against your higher self. Yes, it has served it's purpose to protect you, but now you must make peace with it. And this my friend, is the journey of consciousness, which is also the meaning of life. It's a journey from the ego protective mechanism into a place of higher vibration through conscious choice (free will). You have to want it. It is your Response-Ability to heal one day at a time with self-compassion as you provide for your inner child. Your self-healing is the loving action to take you into this "healed self" place of freedom - and this too is an ever-evolving process.

Now that you have chosen to rescue, nurture and love your inner child, releasing the child-like responses, your inner child loses the need to control your life! You now finally have what you've needed for so long. Your root wounds have been acknowledged, tended to and honored. You are pure love and light, here to shine from within. You've had everything you've needed within you all along.

If you did not get to sign up for the virtual Fall journey, please register for the Winter 10-Week Inner Child Healing Journey with me (starting 2/14/2021) - the best gift of Self Love there is.

Register for more upcoming programs:

My inner child bows to your inner child. #Namastayoungatheart

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