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Inner Child Healing Support

Ready to set yourself free from the past & love into the future?

  • 1 hour
  • 135 US dollars
  • Soul Glow Wellbeing Home Office Location

Service Description

Invest in your healing and reset your relationships. Begin by giving your inner child permission to heal. We are all hard-wired for genuine connection. Unfortunately, some humans aren't provided safe and healthy opportunities for optimal growth and supported development. The reality is, many adults aren't taught unconditional love. Some may learn to lash out or close off to those they love because they perceive their experiences as not getting something they need, or this is how they say their parent behave. Oftentimes this is because they did not receive healthy bonding as children. Rest assured, there is a loving solution.... Many of us revert to childlike behavior when they are triggered and don't feel they are getting love, attention, affection or time from those they are in relationship with. Whether it be a partner, friend, roommate, spouse, sibling, parent, etc, we all have relationships. AND, we know that we live and thrive in healthy relationships. The journey begins with HEALING & NURTURING THE INNER CHILD SELF, as led by Soul Glow WellBeing, Spiritual Psychology Energy Coach, Becca Briley, via a ten week program, to reprogram the deepest parts of your subconscious. If you have a deep desire to release the unhealthy behaviors and communication patterns, it begins with loving your inner child. Allow yourself to flow & grow through these beautiful phases of Deep Healing & Transformation. It's time to give your inner child what you never received, and start over with all the self love an compassion you've always desired. What to expect: - Observing Thoughts of Self & Behavioral Patterns (Without Judgement) - Learning Your Triggers & Inner Child Cries For Love - Nurturing Your Inner Child Through Self-Parenting - Replacing The Inner Critical Parent with Self-Nurturing Affirmations, Mantras & Thoughts - Honoring Your Inner Child Baggage — Recognize & Begin Healing Self-Destructive Thought Patterns - Connecting Your Inner Child With Your Higher Self & Inner Wisdom - Transforming Fear Of The Needy Inner Child - Who Are You Giving Your Power To? This Requires Conscious Awareness Practice - Forgiveness & Healing Relationships - Expanding Your Identity to Returning To Pure Love

Contact Details

  • 4745 East Tanglewood Drive, Phoenix, AZ, USA


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